Resources for Better Bathrooms


Decorating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom
Tips for decorating your child's bathroom, including sticking with neutral décor, but vibrant color with accessories that can be changed as the child grows. Bright fabrics to go with a theme also work, with matching linens. For a customized look for your windows, or if you just don't like the look of conventional curtains, try cutting out a portion of the fabric around a featured pattern and using fusible backing to adhere it to a roller shade. Tips also include dressing up tiles with stencils and choosing bathmats and sink stools. You also want to keep safety in mind, and use anti-slipping mats and adhesive pads that stick to the bottom of the tub, as well as decorative faucet covers and a toilet clamp.

Bathroom Redecorating Ideas from Good Housekeeping
The design of your bathroom determines its overall mood and energy according to bathroom decorating ideas on Before you do anything with your bathroom, try to figure out the mood you want to create. If it's attached to the master bedroom, you may not want to decorate with "hot" or flashy colors. Better to go with soothing colors and dimmed lights to promote relaxation. However, if it's a bathroom that is in general use for anyone in the house during the day, you may want to present a bright, cheery mood, at which point you're free to break out the bold color palette. An important consideration is how much natural and artificial light you've got in the bathroom, and how that is going to affect your chosen color scheme and accessories. If you're working in tight quarters, don't worry—even if space is limited, your decorative possibilities are not. There are a wide variety of small accessories and essentials from which to chose. You can do a lot for a bathroom by choosing matching or complementary towels, cups, soap dishes, tissue holders, shower curtains, glasses, wall coverings and window treatments. When your accessories match, the bathroom will usually present a much neater, organized look.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
Here's a lot of photo galleries with bathroom lighting ideas from HGTV. See and learn the effects of different lighting to make your bathroom lighting better. Illuminate your shower area for safety and ease, find the best lighting for your mirror, install lighting in your guest bathroom or make your bathroom lighting more flattering. See ideas for romantic bathroom lighting, and beautiful bathroom lights. Consider replacing cool white lamps with quality fluorescent lamps, create ambient and focal lighting, looking for lamps with a good color rendering index, installing a ceiling light over the bath tub, use lower wattage lighting, cleaning fixtures and lamps, installing dimmer lights and installing light switches.

Bathroom Decor Ideas
Bathroom decoration ideas cheap and easy are offered. Includes how to add panache to your bathroom. Creating a new bathroom for under $50 is easy when you repaint, add new towels, change hardware, install a new medicine cabinet or frame the bathroom mirror. Final article is about summer bathroom décor, and it offers summer bathroom décor ideas.

Decorate Your Toilet by Groomed Home
Decorating your toilet is fun and allows you to express yourself in a creative and unusual way. Both guests and family enjoy the whimsy or the artistry of a decorated toilet. This article provides some tips to brighten up the bathroom area. It discusses toilet atmosphere, and suggests choosing and sticking to a specific theme, whatever you choose. It discusses getting appropriate accessories to drive home the theme, and gives the example of renovating the little boy's room with colorful patterns, humorous sticks, and using the roll holder as a decorative element, e.g., a tree where each branch hosts a roll of toilet paper. It discusses how colors play a vital role. It also talks about placing interactive items in the room, such as Sudoku puzzles, magazines and books.


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