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NCIDQ Certification
The National Council for Interior Design Qualification serves to identify to the public those interior designers who have met the minimum standards for professional practice by passing the NCIDQ examination. The Council endeavors to maintain the most advanced examining procedures, and to update continually the examination to reflect expanding professional knowledge and design development techniques. It seeks the acceptance of the NCIDQ examination as a universal standard by which to measure the competency of interior designers to practice as professionals. Includes information about certification and licenses for interior designers.

Interior Design Magazine
This is the digital companion to Interior Design magazine. Published by SANDOW, Interior Design magazine has been the definitive resource on interior design for more than 80 years for architects, interior designers and other design professionals. It showcases groundbreaking interior design projects and events, important new products, and provides up-to-date news and in-depth research on the interior design industry. On the site you'll find projects in numerous categories, including kitchen and bath, hospitality, healthcare, office, retail, residential and more. There's an extensive video section of videos on walkthroughs, designer interviews, events, tradeshows and showroom tours, as well as product reviews and hall of fame documentaries.

Check Out Indoor, Outdoor Fireplace Designs
To find out how an indoor, outdoor fireplace can define a decorative space, make a point of visiting the web site. It provides visitors with a wealth of information about a number of fireplace-related topics, including the outdoor electric fireplace. Adding one to your outdoor living space gives an interesting spin on a warm hearth and it's a gathering place for your friends and family members. Other articles available here include modern fireplace design, rustic fireplace design and fireplace surround design.

About.Com's Guide to Interior Decorating
Take your time and really check out this site because it is filled with a surprising number of articles on a wide variety of decorating ideas and tips. Let's start with paint. There's a guide to the top 8 paint manufacturers, and if you scroll down the page after reading the paint manufacturer's guide you'll find a whole array of additional painting articles. There are also articles on interior paint finishes, interior paint colors and even an article filled with very useful drying tips. Click on Banish Boring With a Bathroom Update and you'll find all sorts of helpful information on updating and decorating your bathroom. There are articles on decorating Boy's Rooms, including such topics as themes for boys' rooms, rugs, furniture that can stand up to kids, plus some inspirational ideas for making a room your boy will actually like. If you've got a kid going off to college there's a wonderful set of articles on decorating a dorm room, including 8 steps to creating your dorm room, 10 best dorm comfort items, themes for dorm décor and more. You'll find helpful articles on bed linens, bathroom fixtures, designer kitchen appliances and a whole lot more. If you're considering giving your home or any part of your home a make-over I highly recommend that you check out this site; no matter what your plans are this site has an article or a tip that can make the job and your life a whole lot easier.

So You Want To Be An Interior Designer
If you have dreams of becoming an interior designer, this site is loaded with down-to-earth, rock-solid information that will help you on your way. This is also the site to come to for the latest news and gossip in the ever-changing world of design and decorating. In addition to the addictive news articles, this site has one of the largest lists of design schools all across the U.S., Canada, and England. Each school's design program is described in detail, so you really get a feel for which school(s) might be right for you. Once you've read a detailed description of the kinds of design programs that each school specializes in, there's a link that takes you right to the school's site, making it a snap to get all the schooling information you could want. In addition to the incredible data base of design schools, this site also has a tremendous supply of useful articles, covering everything from learning the difference between an interior designer and a decorator, to learning about interior design specializations, to finding out just what it takes to really be successful in the design world. There is also a great article on making the decision whether to work for a design firm or to go freelance. If you're serious about becoming a designer or a decorator, I can't think of a better site for you to start your schooling or career planning.


Here are resources about general home decoration.


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