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Pool Table Lighting
Wherever the pool table is placed, bar, restaurant, pool hall, private games room for example, accessories add to the class and elegance of the chosen design. Pool table lights are the most common accessory and are usually suspended about three feet above the playing surface. The lights can be one, two, three or four across and they hang from the ceiling by a chain or bar to add light to the playing surface. Pool lights are available in many different varieties, and again, the design chosen will depend on the style of pool table on display. The lights usually consist of a normal light bulb that is surrounded in a form of shade. The shades can be the same for each of the lights, or different for each one. The light shades are available in a variety of colors, the most popular selections being green or white. The shades can be made out of acrylic, chrome, sterling solid brass, ornate glass, aluminum, and many other metals.

Poker History and Resources
Article focuses on the history and types of poker. Three games successively dominated poker, particularly as limit-betting games in the USA, during the first century and a half of poker history: draw, seven-card stud, and hold-em, with each game cornering over 2/3 of the market during their ascendancy. Draw was far ahead in popularity until sometime in the early 20th century, when seven-card stud took the lead, which it kept until about 1980, thriving in the armed forces during WWII, and then during the rise of the Nevada casino industry in the fifties and sixties. It seems reasonable to suggest that the natural division of the market between stud and communal-card games will become more equal, now that stud is available in a form which can compete on equal terms as both a limit and a big-bet game. Product links include a poker chip monogram, poker combo deals, poker accessories, poker table tops, poker tables, poker cases, poker chip sets, plastic poker chips and casino poker chips.

Blackjack Advantage Systems
This article describes various systems that blackjack players have used throughout the years to gain a supposed advantage over the house when playing blackjack at casinos. Various books like Winning Blackjack are discussed, as is the author's own obsession with blackjack advantage systems and the obsession of many statisticians in the statistics field. He discusses many systems, too complicated to describe here. It's a good read for blackjack enthusiasts looking to gain an edge. The author is a gambling instructor, and is essentially sorting through "the methods, the men, the myths, and the message" of blackjack advantage systems.

For Jukebox Enthusiasts
This web page is a place to post articles and messages on the board. This particular article is geared towards jukebox enthusiasts and discusses the history of jukeboxes. The writer of the article discusses the first crude jukeboxes that appeared in the late 19th century in San Francisco. They were nickel-in-the-slot phonographs and they were immediately popular. They got their name from the term "jook house" which was a Southern term for an out-of-the-way establishment for drinking and dancing, used by field workers. The Wurlitzer company began calling its machines jukeboxes. Further down on the page, people post messages into this discussion forum about their own antique jukeboxes.


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