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Canadian Business on Investing in Hotel Stocks
During the American recession, people stopped spending money on travelling. As a result, the American hospitality industry nosedived in terms of revenue generation. Hotel occupancy rates were record lows, the revPAR took a massive hit. Today, the hotel occupancy has reached the numbers of pre recession era of about 65 percent full, and consumers are once again spending cash. The withdrawn real estate investors are back in full steam. The Bloomberg real estate investment trusts hotels index is up 10.7 percent. So long the national economy holds out, the hotel industry investment scenario will prosper. More on this in this Canadian Business article.

The Truth About Passive Income Real Estate Investing
My Stock Market Basics discusses passive real estate investing, which offers many benefits but none of the usual responsibilities of direct property ownership. This article is one of a series that looks at many different types of passive income sources, some promising and some already busted. Passive income involves a process which promises regular income with little effort. As a passive earner, you get paid on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis without in any kind of active roles. As real estate investments offer a tangible, steady source of potential income for the long term, this article looks at the opportunities for passive income in real estate investments.

Buy to Let Properties in Barcelona
Home Search Barcelona reviews the financial rewards of rental properties or commercial properties, especially in prime locations. This article factors in many variables when making financial calculations. According to this article, though prime properties are expensive and hard to find, they can provide higher ROI. The last 15 years have witnessed an annual growth of 7 percent in the average property value in the prime sector. A smart investor can expect a ROI of more than 7 percent annually, calculated over 5 years. The commercial properties in prime city locations can fetch higher returns over a time period of 7 years.

Investing in Serviced Apartments
In Australia, investment in service apartments is slowly gaining traction. Although service apartments became popular in other parts of the world long ago, Australia has been slow to catch on. Your Investment Property magazine tells why service apartments are convenient accommodations for business travelers looking for apartment style living for short stay. The marked advantage of service apartments over hotel rooms is that service apartments provide the privacy and comfort of homes, which hotels do not. Service apartments do provide their own bar, laundry, and nearby dining facilities but all within the comfort of a personal living space.

Is That Residential Real Estate Investment Property Worth It?
This Nolo article requests real estate investors to use cap rates to make good investment decisions. Cap rates measure the annual return expected from an investment. This article includes actual calculation steps for determining cap rate. A high cap rate indicates better annual return on your investment. So, what you should do before making an investment decision is, map the cap rate of an investment against your expected annual ROI. Investors looking for commercial properties vary the cap rates on their properties based on the market demand of particular areas. From 4 percent to 10 percent cap rate is a normal range of ROI on real estate investments.

Investors Bet on Boutique and Lifestyle Hotels
This Lodging Magazine article discusses boutique and lifestyle hotels, which typically embody the upscale luxury living of the Rich and Famous. This industry is worth $11.5 billion and still growing. Between 2009 and 2014, the lifestyle hotels with 300 rooms and under, many of which are in Miami, grew at an annual rate of almost 20 percent, which is far above the overall U.S. growth rate of hotels at 4.2 percent. The demand for supplies for boutique and lifestyle hotels has also grown significantly it this six year period. In Miami, lifestyle hotels prosper as many celebrity tourists choose Miami as their annual vacation spot.

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