Promoting Healthier Children (01)


Chiropractors Can Be Good for Children
Chiropractic care doesn't have to be just for adults—this web site says kids can benefit as well. If you're looking for information on the practice of chiropractic as a family option, you'll find that perspective here. The page includes a link to general chiropractic information—what it is and who benefits from this kind of care, as well as frequently asked questions. Readers can also find insight as to why children can benefit from a trip to the chiropractor though the "Children's Page" link.

Keeping Your Children Healthy
All parents strive to keep their children healthy, and the Internet is a great tool to make sure you stay updated on the latest health news that affects your child’s health. This site includes a children’s health library with information on ADHD, childhood cancer, childhood and teen mental health, common kid illnesses, infant safety, child and teen safety. A section of child health headlines is also included, as is information on how to get a free e-newsletter filled with valuable tips.

Train Kids for a Healthy Relationship with the Family Dog
The site is your one-stop destination to unearthing the secrets of dog behavior and dynamics. It even suggests other resources like books and other websites for children and parents who wish to understand their dogs. One of the sections talks about typical predicaments that dog owners come across, that include topics like, leash training aggressive dogs, smoothly managing a household dominated by dogs (both numbers and otherwise), and house-training dogs of different age groups. There are numerous training resources on the site that give users access to information on the basics of training and parenting any dog right from when it is adopted.

Getting Milk Products in Your Child’s Diet
This Nibbles for Health newsletter provides information on milk for your child's growing bones. If your kid or teenager experience lactose intolerance, you can serve milk with solid foods, which slows digestion. Or you can pour small cups of milk. Chocolate milk may also help your child digest the nourishing calcium in milk. Other tips include offering cheese, buying lactose-free milk and trying yogurt to get the calcium your child needs for healthy bone development.

Children’s Emotional Health: What Matters
A section for parents, advocates and physicians includes articles to empower parents, advocates and providers in caring for the psychosocial needs of children. It also serves as a coordinating tool for a pilot project for health care providers. Topics include the self-destructive child, raising a child who wants to stay alive, and other psychosocial pediatric issues.


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