Promoting Healthier Children (02)


Kids and Foods: The Healthy Food Pyramid
Teaching your children about healthy foods is important, and this site called by the United STates Department of Agriculture helps them see what foods to eat, and how much to eat. The site includes fun ways to teach children about the food pyramid, and there are sections for kids six to 11 years old, and for preschoolers two to five years old. There are games and posters to download, as well as worksheets and coloring pages. Classroom materials are also available so teachers can teach kids about the food pyramid.

Curious About Chiropractic Care for Your Child? Get Basic Information Here
Check out the web site to get a good foundation of information about chiropractic care and how it can benefit people living with back pain, including children. You will find an overview of back issues, as well as helpful information about the causes of this common health complaint, treatment options and risk factors for back pain. The series of articles posted here also covers tips for living with chronic pain, when to contact a chiropractor for help, and when surgery should be considered as a treatment option. If you need a Los Angeles chiropractor for your child, consider Cooper Chiropractic Wellness Center on the West side.

Local Foods on School Lunchroom Cafeteria Tables: Will Kids Resist Eating Healthy
This well thought out blog post looks at both sides of the debate about governments requiring schools to buy their produce from local farmers. On one hand, the idea of having lunchroom cafeteria tables featuring healthy foods is attractive, it doesn't make a lot of sense if the children won't eat the food because they prefer to stick with foods that are high in fat and calories.

Toddler Nutrition Basics
Toddlers need proper nutrition, but this phase for them can be difficult when it comes to feeding. They want independence and their appetites can decrease. Whatís a parent to do to make sure their toddler eats healthy foods? This website offers some tips for preparing for mealtime, during mealtime, setting limits and giving praise, eating healthy, snack suggestions and good foods your toddler should have in the various food groups. For instance, kids should have foods from the following categories everyday: meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and peanut butter; milk; fruit; veggies; bread, cereal, rice and pasta; fats, oils and some sweets.

A Healthy Place for Teens
A site put out for teens about healthy attitudes by the Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands with support from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. This site explores teen emotions, how teens can take care of themselves, how to deal with teen issues, how to cope with hard situations and how to tell if a friend is having a hard time. It teaches kids how to cope with various issues they face, saying that itís OK to cry or get lost in a movie, a book or TV so long as teens donít use those avenues to avoid reality completely.


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