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Feng Shui: Light and Lighting
The need for sunlight in every room and the benefits of using soft pink incadescent bulbs for home interior lighting are examined in an article from QI: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness that discusses the affects of home lighting on a person's overall well being and lends credence to the notion of light therapy.

Tips for Adding Ambient Light to Your Home
The first part of this article at talks about the different sources of ambient light, which is also known as general lighting. For homes, the ambient lighting sources mentioned are recessed down lights, cove lighting, decorative pendants, floor and table lamps, and wall sconces. However, the post noted that natural light should always be the main contributor of ambient light. On the last part, readers can find some simple ways on how to enhance this ambient lighting even without using various kinds of expensive lighting fixtures. Two strategies mentioned are by using mirrors to rooms and using white paint on walls.

Answer to the Question: Are Fluorescent Bulbs More Efficient than Regular Bulbs?
From comes this information on the efficiency of fluorescent bulbs versus incandescent bulbs. This is an important question for home and interior lighting design and planning-people looking for low voltage lighting. The answer is yes, that fluroescent bulbs are four to six times more efficient than regular bulbs. The site is very detailed, intended to explain the technological characteristics of household items. There are also many links to other pages within the website, explaining how bulbs and fixtures work.

Transform Your Home Using the Secrets of Good Lighting
This article at was written by Stacey Sheppard, and is an exclusive interview with Lucy Martin, a Design Director at John Cullen Lighting. First, Ms. Martin explains the difference between natural light and artificial light. She then cited some important factors to be considered when it comes to providing adequate lights in residential homes. Stacey also discussed the importance of the effect of reflection and shadow, and how to control the level over the lights. Later, she gave some tips on how to provide good lightings at home. She emphasized that lights at home is as important as its structure.

An FAQ for Picking the Right Light Bulb
In the past, buying a light bulb was as easy as going to the store that sells them, picking up a bulb, and paying for it. However, these days, one cannot just do that anymore, thanks to the introduction of energy efficient bulbs. This article, a Q&A with Natural Resources Defense Council's Center for Energy Efficiency Director Noah Horowitz serves as a guide for buying the right kind of light bulb for your needs. From this FAQ of sorts, you will understand the difference between wattage and lumens and how these two terms could influence which bulb to buy. You will also know what CFLs and LEDs are, which kind of bulb to use for certain climates, and a whole lot more.


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