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Fluorescent Grow Lighting
Before high intensity light came along, indoor growers had to depend on fluorescent lighting for best results. Although the spectrum of many fluorescents is good, they do not provide enough intensity to fully mature high- light plants. This page has some brief information about fluorescent grow lights and links to buy various types of lighting.

Feng Shui: Light and Lighting
The need for sunlight in every room and the benefits of using soft pink incadescent bulbs for home interior lighting are examined in an article from QI: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness that discusses the affects of home lighting on a person's overall well being and lends credence to the notion of light therapy.

Information for Home Theater Lighting
From Home Theater Magazine's web site, comes this specialty lighting portal that offers advice on contemporary interior lighting for creating a home theater environment. The advice is geared towards creating lighting design to best optimize the home theater experience. Topics covered include fluorescent lighting fixtures, LED lighting, fiber-optic lighting, and dimmers. Links to lighting manufacturers are included.

Answer to the Question: Are Fluorescent Bulbs More Efficient than Regular Bulbs?
From comes this information on the efficiency of fluorescent bulbs versus incandescent bulbs. This is an important question for home and interior lighting design and planning-people looking for low voltage lighting. The answer is yes, that fluroescent bulbs are four to six times more efficient than regular bulbs. The site is very detailed, intended to explain the technological characteristics of household items. There are also many links to other pages within the website, explaining how bulbs and fixtures work.

Phillips Lighting: Lightbulb Heaven is Here
If you want to buy any Phillips product, this is the place to be. Consumers will appreciate the forum section. Here, renovators share tips about bathroom lighting, recessed lighting, floor lighting, and chandeliers. There are also some interesting articles on lighting projects on some of the world's most famous buildings: The Sydney Opera House, Fisherman's Wharf and Versailles.

Lighting Tips from
Illuminating ideas offers lighting tips, the most common types of light bulbs, integrating a lighting scheme into the interior design and figuring out energy costs. Descriptions of incandescent light, tungsten bulbs, and tungsten=halogen bulbs. Making the most of fluorescents is offered to produce even lighting. A lighting design planner link is offered, and all the questions you need to ask to design your lighting plan are mentioned. Finally, a section on energizing lights and choosing affordable lights is included, which states that you should use low-wattage bulbs, clean globes, bulbs and fixtures and not using a higher wattage bulb than necessary.

All About Light Therapy
Light therapy is the use of natural or artificial light to treat various ailments, but primarily depressive and sleep disorders. It may be administered by a physician, physical therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist. While exposure to the full-spectrum wavelength of natural sunlight is considered the best form of light therapy, it is not always possible for many people to get outdoors. Therefore, light therapists often recommend treatment with simulated sunlight from light boxes. The form of light therapy most commonly used today is known as bright-light therapy. It requires that you sit near a special light box fitted with high-intensity light bulbs, which may provide either full-spectrum or white light. This type of light therapy has been proven to be particularly useful in treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as the "winter blues," a form of depression that occurs as the amount of daylight wanes with the change of seasons. It has also been shown to be effective for some sleep disorders. Website also includes choosing a light therapist, and health benefits of light therapy.


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