Resources for Organic Gardening

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Organic Gardening from Bald Mountain Press
Organic gardening information includes an organic gardening blog. Store includes organic kelp plant booster, plant growth activators, herb garden kits, and spinning composters. Includes organic gardening books and a section about organic gardening facts. An organic gardening question and answer archive is a helpful tool, which discusses leaching, composting, growing flowers, organic lawns, mulching, composting, greenhouse equipment, planting dates, succession planning and more.

The Gardening Calendar
This UK website offers monthly gardening information, advice and tips that include organic gardening. Claiming to offer inspiration for your garden, offers tips on lawn care, pruning and training, flowers. Learn how to make a kitchen garden as well. Once you have read up on the monthly garden tips, you can check out Ask George, which is a gardening reference search engine. The Editorial section of the site offers fresh ideas on plants and planting, garden design, practical tools and gadgets, beginner gardens, gardens to visit, wildlife and organic gardening, and cooking and vegetable gardening. Each topic has a long drop down menu that features a lot of advice. You can even look into joining the garden club, which has polls and forums.

Knowledge Gained from an Organic Garden
Website of an organic garden includes information bout companion planning, chemical interactions, lighting, intercropping, composting for sustainable organic gardening, zeriscaping, permaculture, botany basics, planting food, organic fertilizers, soil fertility, sustainable soil, conditioning alkaline soil, water conservation, crop rotation, cover crops, reducing soil pH, and more. An organic gardening resource list of links is included, with a section on organic foods.

Your Garden Can Be a Feast For All Your Senses
It's relatively easy to appreciate that a flower garden is pleasing to the eye, but have you ever taken the time to consider that it can be a place that can refresh and renew you by stimulating all of your senses? When you spend time out of doors, you are also exposed to the wonderful aromas of the plants, flowers, and the soil itself. Adding fresh herbs from your garden will give your cooking some extra flair, while the textures of the different types of plants are appealing to your sense of touch. The soothing sounds of a water fountain will help to relieve the symptoms of even the most stressful day.

Become Organic, Stay Organic
For all things organic, a visit to the homepage of the Organic Trade Association is in order. The site features a newsroom about organic-related issues, and the organization focuses on the organic business community in the United States. It exists to protect the growth of organic trade to benefit farmers, the environment, the public and the economy. A book store, public policy and event section are offered so organic industry leaders can stay on top of the latest issues that affect organic food and organic food trade in North America.

Organic Gardening Possible in Limited Space
Urban organic gardener Mike Lieberman shares his expertise to consumers who are interested in organic gardening but don't have a lot of space. Find out how to choose the best space for your organic gardening efforts, get practical gardening tips and learn which types of plants work best when planted in small areas. From organic seed to harvest, all of the details are covered and visitors to the site are invited to sign up for the newsletter to stay informed about organic gardening tips and techniques.

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