Resources for Organic Gardening

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Organic Gardening Products and Tips on
If you are looking for organic gardening products, supplies and information, check this page at This includes seeds, watering tools such as hose and nozzles, and organic fertilizers. There are also tips on how to protect your garden from pests, how to find the perfect compost, and others. Besides the list of earth-friendly remedies, there is a separate page where kids can learn and enjoy gardening with you. Here, your child can learn the difference between weeds and seedlings, and how you can motivate your kids to join you in gardening.

Gardening Resources Site
This handy site has many links to other gardening sites, including organic gardening. Other topics covered include bonsai, flowers, garden forums, garden parties, houseplants, images, kids gardening, landscaping, pests & insects, planning and design, resources, shopping, vegetables & herbs. Sites featured on the front page include Garden Basics, All Decked Out and Bringing Up Baby.

Biodynamic and Organic Gardening
The Biodynamic and Organic Gardening Resource Site is aimed at the backyard gardener who desires a deeper insight into the history, mystery and science of agriculture. The links section contains many sites, which when browsed will give the reader an overview of agriculture from its beginnings in Mesopotamia to the start of modern chemical agriculture, and the reactions to our loss of the soil fertility. It goes on to explore solutions to this problem embodied in the organic methodology of Albert Howard and the biodynamic movement founded by Rudolf Steiner. You will also find suggested reading, sources of seeds, tools, biodynamic preparations and information on the new directions agriculture is taking. Includes links about agriculture history, gardening alchemy and more.

Organic Information
Toxic chemistry is not the answer to gardening or living. Organic or natural gardening and living is the answer. If you would like to change, this site can help. You and your family can garden, work, play and live with natural organic techniques to have better gardening, better landscaping, better health, more money and more enjoyment of life. Learn about organic tree care, soil building, non-toxic pest control and health in the following pages. Includes a thorough information center covering the following topics: agri gro, adapted trees, algae, organic fertilizers, incandescent lights, insect control, stump removal, water saving ideas, weeds, grow lights, and more. A discussion forum includes sections on gardening and landscaping, growing fruits, greenhouse equipment, composting, pets and disease, organic farming ornamentals, trees, organic living and lawn care. Home to the Texas Organic Research center, which encourages composting and the use of organic fertilizers.

Gardening Tips, Advice and How-To Instruction
Sign up for the free gardening newsletter, which contains articles, tips and pointers on improving your garden, produced by a gardener and a garden writer. On this page, you'll find organic gardening articles. There's also articles on annuals, containers and window boxes, perennials, water gardening, lawn care, vegetable tips, herb comments and insects. You can also order gardening books by Doug Green on this site.

Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF) on
The Complete Organic Fertilizer (COF) is a homemade garden fertilizer mix formulated by food garden expert and book author Steve Solomon. In this lengthy article at which he adapted from his own book, Gardening When It Counts, Solomon explains the COF, including its uses, how to apply it properly, cautions, and limitations. According to him, it is cheaper than similar commercially compounded organic fertilizers, but much better for your soil life than harsh synthetic chemical mixes. Solomon also mentioned some drawbacks of chemical fertilizers and their difference from organic fertilizers, along with some useful tips in soil testing.

Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips and Tricks
Having an organic vegetable garden is very good for your family's health and is not really expensive, but may take you some practice. To help you out, read this helpful article at Besides explaining all the benefits of organic vegetable gardening, it also has tips and tricks that are easy to follow. This includes suggestions on how to look for organic soil and compost. If you plan to start your garden from seed, it is recommended that you start them indoors. Just make sure it has proper lighting and water.

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