Resources for Organic Gardening

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6 Major Steps in Starting an Organic Vegetable Garden on
If you want to start your own organic vegetable garden, you should follow the six major steps, which are explained in this article at First, choose the right area for your garden. To do this, you should pick a location that has plenty of sunlight, near a water source, safe from harmful animals and insects, and has proper drainage system. Second, choose whether you like raised garden bed or an in-ground garden bed. When preparing the garden soil, know the right planting depth for the types of vegetables. The remaining steps involve buying the right seeds, and properly planting them.

Rodale's Organic Life
The hub for organic gardening information that includes information about grow lights, organic farming, growing guides, soil tests, building a root cellar, freezing basics, greenhouse kits, picking at peak, simple seed starting, mulching Ruth Stout style, mildew resistant plants, suppressing weeds, increasing microorganisms, ornamentals, hydroponics, greenhouse supplies, indoor gardening and plant lights. Includes a section on organic gardening events, an organic gardening almanac and more organic gardening resources.

Everything You Should Know About Organic Fertilizers on presents you this comprehensive guide on using organic fertilizers. This includes their benefits, basic application, and types according to the source of their raw material. Among the plant-based type of organic fertilizers are alfalfa meal, corn gluten, cottonseed meal, seaweed, and soybean meal. For the animal-based organic fertilizers, they are blood meal, bonemeal, fish products, and animal manures. On the other hand, some of the mineral-based fertilizers are greensand, rock phosphate, and Chilean nitrate. There is also a detailed explanation about compost, which is considered as the Cadillac of organic fertilizers.

Natural Pest Control and Beneficial Insects on Gardens
To keep your garden fresh and safe, use the natural way of pest control instead of buying harmful insecticides. In this article, there a many examples on how you can do it. Each natural remedy is designed for a specific set of pests; the ingredients are non-toxic and easily available. This includes canola oil, baking soda, cooking oil, garlic, cayenne, and hot pepper sauce. There are also a list of some pest prevention tips, along with the different kinds of traps and barriers. On the other hand, there is a shortlist of the beneficial insects and how you can identify them.

Organic Gardening Tips
This site and newsletter contains a whole host of organic gardening tips, unique recipes, photos, and stories. Marion Owen, the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul maintains this useful site. Read (or listen to) the current issue of the UpBeet Gardener newsletter. Learn about the PlanTea product, read Marion's collection of articles, gardening tips, recipes, and photos. Check ou links and resources, news and press releases, and information on why to grow organic.

Organically Grown Plants for Pets
This extremely unique and informative site offers container plants that offer enrichment of your pets and neighboring wildlife. This company has been growing plants for private owners and zoos for almost 10 years now. You can learn more about exotic plants which are safe for animals by checking out this site. First-hand growing tips and other information will be added on a monthly basis. Site sections include featured plant, articles, tropical plants, toxic plants, and useful links.

Tips for Choosing Your Garden Fountains and Art
Garden fountains and art can be incoporated into the design of your outdoor living space quite easily. Garden art includes anything other than the plants in your space. When you are trying to picture what you want to do with the space, consider how you can incorporate rocks, scuptures, outdoor fountains, swings, benches, and the like into your design. All of these features will add interest and help you convey a certain mood. With a bit of imagination, you will be able to find something that fits in your budget, no matter how modest it is.

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