Resources for Organic Gardening

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The National Gardening Association has put together this site for beginner and advanced gardeners and everyone in between. Each week, a different article is featured on the front page. Gardening news is highlighted, and each gardening channel contains an informative feature article. There are many basic, 101 articles that will help a beginner get started in anything from organic gardening to food gardening. An events calendar will help you learn about tours, plant swaps, festivals and much more. Other gardening resources include regional reports, Q&A library, article library, buyer's guide, how-to projects, pest control library, zone finder, dictionary, food garden guide and even online courses. You can also check out message boards, and recipes. Offers Helpful Tips for Organic Gardening information on organic gardening is a great place for beginners to find information about growing chemical-free produce. A number of organic gardening articles are posted here, including ones about composting growing organic vegetables, plants for the garden which don't need full sun, and good choices for newbie gardeners. Other topics addressed here include how to start an organic garden, diseases, fruits, flowers, organic garden maintenance.

Foods Not Lawns: Staying Organic
This organization ties in to the book Food Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard Into a Garden and Your Neighborhood Into a Community. The organization aims to work towards a thriving bioregion in the Pacific Northwest, and offer educational services. A useful section of Web resources to help people learn about organic food and organic living are provided, as well as a discussion list. Plenty of events are listed to promote the book and organic living.

Organic Garden Tips for Beginners on
If you a beginner in organic gardening, check this beginner's guide at Here, you will learn the step-by-step procedure to have an organic garden. First, this article will teach you how to choose the right area. Second, you will have an idea on how to plant seedlings the right way and make them grow. This includes how to reduce the risk of garden pests and how to attract beneficial insects. The last part gives suggestions on how to water the plants, and how to harvest them. As added information, there are links to different resources that are on the same website.

Organic Gardening Tips
This informative site contains hundreds of oranic gardening tips. Learn about everything from pest management to tips on what types of flowers to plant in your garden. In addition to tips, this online showcase provides a large list of links that will help you learn more about specific gardening topics. A discussion board covers topics such as lawn care and organic gardening.

California Organic Gardening
This organic gardening guide for beginners explains the benefits of organic gardening and how to cultivate your own organic garden. The site discusses compost, pest control and locations for organic gardens. Organic gardens can be grown in your yard or a greenhouse and a trellis can be an important asset to your garden. California organic gardening can be a very rewarding hobby. Choose from various categories, including tomato gardening, snail and slug controls, lady bugs, fruit tree gardening, ant control, lawn pests, natural pest controls, fertilizers, red worms composting, vegetable seeds, herb seeds, whitefly control, and spring and summer bulbs.

Gardener's Path
This site arranges their gardening tips by month and usually features 10 tips per month. In the Over the fence section, many gardening articles are featured. You'll find book reviews, garden guides, garden notes, and articles on organic gardening. This site is just getting started, but it already has a lot of useful information. The Tool Shed includes garden planners, and links to various garden resources. The Plant Guide is planned to be a large, growing resource of any type of plant you could think of, click on a name of a plant and you'll learn about the plant and it's vital statistics that will help you grow it perfectly.

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