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New LifeStyles: The Source for Seniors
Do you need help figuring out which senior residences and care options are best? New LifeStyles offers everything you need to make an informed, comfortable decision about your own or your loved one's future. The groupís resources are right here on this site, from local to national resources. You can also order a free directory on senior health care and senior housing, completely free. There are plenty of informational articles on senior housing, picking a nursing home, finding a geriatric care managing and things to ask before hiring a home care agency. There is also an interactive tool called Care Interpreter to help you find suitable housing for yourself or an older loved one in your life. State licensing information is included, which will help you make the best senior housing choices.

Fitness for Elders
Many aging adults realize the importance of getting enough exercise as a senior citizen. This site states that by July 2007, there will be 51 million Americans over the age of 60 in the United States. That means people want to stretch their minds and bodies and take good care of themselves. There are plenty of articles on elder fitness here, such as choosing a stationary bike, yoga and tai chi for seniors, as well as information specifically for those who want to become elder fitness instructors. The American Senior Fitness Association offers older adult fitness specialists with educational programs specifically designed to help them conduct safe, effective and enjoyable fitness programs for senior citizens.

Multiple Articles on Chiropractor Health Available Here
The web site has numerous articles available on the topic of chiropractic care. Visitors to this channel will find information about how to tell the difference between back and kidney pain, inversion therapy to treat back pain, risks associated with getting treatment from a chiropractor. Other articles discuss the myths associated with chiropractic care, what chiropractors do and techniques to deal with back and shoulder pain and more.

Caregivers: Taking Care of Seniors
Seniors need to make sure they are taking care of their bodies. This website articles gives insight for caregivers who are taking an elderly parent or relative to the doctor. Tips include knowing what numbers---such as blood pressure and body temperature---are normal for your loved one. Keep a list of his or hers medical history on you, in the event that emergencies occur. Make sure elders get enough water in their diets. Medical ID jewelry is another tip in this article, and itís great for senior citizens who want to keep those around them alert of conditions. There are plenty of resources out there and this site mentions those along with free and low-cost health services for the elderly.

Eating Well: A Guide for the Elderly
Looking to have an active, healthy lifestyle as you get older? This site has information and tips for taking care of yourself—for sleeping well, eating well, finding meaning in life, retaining a sharp memory, and more. Articles feature information on senior nutrition. With proper nutrition, elders will benefit from: increased mental acuteness; resistance to illness and disease; higher energy levels; a more robust immune system; faster recuperation times, and; better management of chronic health problems. Plenty of information for seniors on mental, physical and emotional health as they age.


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